JORDAN Flat Back Piercing Stud Earring 14K


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JORDAN - a minimal choice for a soft "barely there" look. I personally wear this internally threaded labret stud in my tragus piercing. Sold as a single earring to mix and match.

- 14K recycled solid gold

- flat back disc is 3mm in diameter

- 1mm/18g post thickness, great for all cartilage piercings from lobe to forward helix, tragus, faux rook and conch

- 6mm post length

- 1.5mm white cubic zirconia stone  (lab-grown - 100% conflict free)

- screw top closure, to put on your earring, insert the flat back part into your piercing hole until it shows in the front, then screw on the front clockwise until secured - check from time to time if the top part is still secure and not unscrewing to avoid loosing it.


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