I’m Nadia, the founder of La Nadia Jewels and I’m thrilled to introduce my jewelry brand to you! La Nadia Jewels’ minimal designs are meant to be worn all day every day. Although each piece is pretty worn on its own, I love to mix and match! When designing, I focus on how I can make it easy for women to complement their outfits with a piece of jewelry that feels effortless but adds just the right amount of sparkle to your look.




Made of 14K recycled solid gold, my pieces last a lifetime. My collection is a mix of handcrafted pieces that I make just for your order and “ready to ship” pieces I source from trusted manufacturers. All stones I work with are either ethically sourced to my very best knowledge or lab created. All Pearls are cultured, never wild-caught.



My first jewelry brand (NKdesigns) I started in 2013 back in Zurich, SwitzerIand, where I was born and raised. I’ve always had a big interest in fashion but I had such a hard time finding jewelry that really spoke to me. So I started making my own jewelry while in high school. I used all sorts of materials I could find like leather, rhinestones, wire, glue etc. My friends soon started asking “oh my god, where did you buy this?! I love it!” and so my first business was born as a hobby while studying law at the University of Zurich.

A year after, in 2014 I met my husband - the reason I decided to move to the USA. After graduating with a Master's in Law I moved to San Francisco to start La Nadia Jewels. I’m beyond happy to have made this decision to follow my passion and do what my heart beats for.

Now enjoy shopping, exploring, mix and matching and please reach out to me if you have any questions to

Connect with me on Instagram @la_nadia.

with love,