La Nadia Jewels was founded by Swiss native Nadia, who moved to the US for love. Made of 14K recycled solid gold, La Nadia Jewels last a lifetime and the collection is handcrafted with love at Nadia's jewelers bench in Miami.

Reflecting her personal style, her jewelry is dainty, featuring small but beautiful top grade gemstones and diamonds. For Nadia, jewelry has to inherit meaning as it is not only a purchase to enhance personal beauty but also an emotional one. Every piece in her collection has a story or meaning to it (e.g. the birthstone collection). Her pieces are perfect to mix and match, to stack or layer.



Sustainability and ethics are important values for the brand as caring about people and planet has been a way of life for Nadia since childhood. All stones she works with are either ethically sourced or lab-created. Pearls are cultured, never wild-caught.



Nadia is born in a town near Zurich, Switzerland in 1990. Her parents and teachers in school were among the first ones to experience Nadia's creative talent and endless imagination. At the age of ten, she wins first place at a local drawing competition. Throughout her school years, she develops a big interest in fashion.

Disappointed by the chunky and tacky jewelry styles available in stores at that time, she begins hand-making her first pieces. Hitting a nerve with dainty, stackable designs, Nadia's friends in high school become her first customers. In 2013, Nadia launches her first brand "NKdesigns Jewelry" while studying law at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

A year later, in 2014 she meets her husband who lives in California at that time. After dating long-distance for several years and graduating with a Master's degree in law, Nadia decides to move to San Francisco, where she starts her US-line "La Nadia Jewels". Today, La Nadia Jewels is based in Miami, Florida, where she works from her bench in her home studio.

During the pandemic she starts sharing her journey towards a more sustainable "capsule wardrobe" and grows her Instagram audience into 250k+ fans that are excited about her daily outfit posts. Connect with Nadia on Instagram: @la_nadia.

"I’m beyond happy to have made the decision to follow my passion and do what my heart beats for."  - Nadia


If you have any questions please email: care@lanadiajewels.com.

For more inspiration follow La Nadia Jewels on Instagram: @lanadiajewels.