Hamsa Hand Necklace Pendant 14K


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Originating in North Africa and the Middle East, the Hamsa Hand is a symbol of protection from the malevolent evil eye and a meaningful gift for a loved one.

  • 14K recycled solid gold
  • cubic zirconia stone (lab-created)
  • pendant measures 17mm x 9mm with an inner loop opening of 4mm x 1.5mm
  • Looking for a finished necklace? Click here.

The hamsa hand symbol has a special place in my collection. I remember getting into a fight at a local night club in my early 20s. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up getting punched by a guy I've never seen before. I got a black eye, minor cuts and a whiplash. The weekend after, I lost my hamsa hand bracelet that was gifted to me by a family friend from Morocco. I strongly believe that my bracelet has been "working hard" to protect me that night at the club as I could have had worse injuries. This experience has strengthened my belief in the power of symbols worn as talismans. 


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