Hamsa Hand Necklace Pendant 14K


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Originating in North Africa and the Middle East, the Hamsa Hand is a symbol of protection from the malevolent evil eye and a meaningful gift for a loved one.

- 14K recycled solid gold

- cubic zirconia stone | lab-created

- pendant measures 17mm x 9mm with an inner loop opening of 4mm x 1.5mm

The Hamsa hand symbol has a special place in Nadia's collection. In her early 20s, Nadia got punched in the face by a guy she didn't know at a local night club. The assault resulted in a black eye, minor cuts and a whiplash. The weekend after the assault, she lost her Hamsa hand bracelet that was given to her by a family friend from Morocco. She strongly believes that the loss of her bracelet happened because it has been "working hard" to protect her during the assault to prevent worse injuries. This experience strengthened her believe in the power of symbols worn as talismans.


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