Sylvie Vintage Pearl Necklace


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Inspired by a vintage pearl necklace Nadia inherited from her grandmother, the Sylvie necklace features luxurious oval pearls with a gorgeous luster. The shell shaped magnetic clasp makes putting on and taking off a breeze. 

  • magnetic clasp, gold plating over sterling silver
  • 42cm // approx. 16 inches total length
  • oval freshwater pearls, responsibly farmed by a small family-owned farm in China
  • 5-7mm pearl width
  • handcrafted with love by Nadia in Miami

Care Tip: the magnetic clasp is strong and opens best when you "break the (magnetic) seal" instead of pulling the magnet apart - like breaking a cookie into two pieces. 

Storage: wear and handle with care as pearls are soft and can get scratched. Store your pearls in a pouch and away from other jewelry.


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